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Oh! A fellow retro-computing enthusiast!

Interested in Commodore 64?

Well, in that case, I have something for you…

A gift from the 64bites project

64bites is a series of short, focused and deep video lessons that can teach you to program Commodore 64!

Each lesson takes just five minutes to watch and it respects your time.
It can easily fit your busy schedule.

Each one focused on explaining a single thing in depth.
I spend long hours, researching, testing recording and compressing the knowledge,
so you can learn it in the most efficient way.

Videos come with full transcript, source code, and exercises.

In other words, each video is a tasty bite of C64 knowledge.
It brings you closer to finally writing that game and demo.

The series starts literally from basics of BASIC but quickly transitions into the assembly.
This is where the real fun happens.

If you ever desired to create games or demos for Commodore 64 I can help you get started.

Get the first nine lessons for free!

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Season 1 is worth $19.99 and contains

Download Season 1 for free!

Includes 9 videos, detailed transcripts, source code examples and exercises.


Michał Taszycki

Founder of 64bites